An experimental ski film starring Lorraine Huber by Hanno Mackowitz

Ski films present perfect sequences, everything looks so easy and elegant; the line, the conditions and the skier’s skills, everything is in perfect harmony. That's why it is easy to forget how large and difficult a task it is to make all the elements come together perfectly.
The real attraction to the sport comes from the relationship between the rider, his or her skills, and the environment, which when combined, make for exceptional experiences in often cold and hostile surroundings. kOnneX is the continuation of last winter's experimental film Lorraine. The Movie. Unlike other ski films, this film's focus is on the perfect interaction between the individual elements of snow, ski and skier, and the resulting fluidity when these elements are connected. The film doesn't require dialogue; the long-lasting impression is forged in the sound effects and music, which have been composed specifically for this film.

As the film begins, the viewer is initially unaware of the fact that the images are moving in reverse. The upward pull of the snow crystals seems to defy gravity, with the wind and the cold the dominating force. A skier’s tracks in the snow starts dissolving and snowflakes appear to be flying skywards. The expectation: What will happen next? We are treated to the moment when the raw beauty of the scenery is connected with the movements of the skier to create perfect harmony with the energy of nature. "The skier must use her skills in balance with nature; she needs to understand the environment and become in tune with it. We display that by showing nature in its wild beauty, with the spotlight on the snow. We experience the power and energy of nature and the weather," says sound designer Marcus Loeber, from Hamburg, about his second project with filmmaker Hanno Mackowitz and freerider Lorraine Huber. For the film, Marcus Loeber has tailor-made a sound for kOnneX, exemplifying the invisible, yet so close and crucial connection between the film’s subjects.

The current runner-up Freeride World Tour champion, Lorraine Huber, feels a deep connection to the snow, especially in her hometown, Lech Zürs am Arlberg. In the project, she wanted to convey what she personally gets out of skiing, so that other people may also become inspired. The intrinsic drivers of her number one passion in life are the feeling of raw freedom in the mountains, the enthralment of carrying out a technique perfectly and precisely, and the power of thoughts and feelings in achieving her skiing goals. “kOnneX focuses a lot on the mastery of ski technique instead of extreme action and large airs" says the 34-year-old freerider about the movie, "Portraying myself as an extreme skier and showing risky moves is not the most important thing to me. I also love the aesthetics of a smooth and perfected movement, which can be achieved only after years of training and tens of thousands of turns." kOnneX shows the relationship between the athlete on her skis and the elements, hence the title (‘konnex’ meaning connection or nexus in German). "The unique sound and the deep, slow-motion images draw the viewers into this relationship, giving them the feeling of being completely immersed in powder snow.”

The prequel Lorraine. The Movie had already shown how impressive a film without a single word can be. Filmmaker Hanno Mackowitz, who lives in Innsbruck, adds that: “Every time I work with Lorraine I realize again and again how high her skill level is, her professional attitude towards the sport, and how she can carry out my instructions exactly. This allows us to play around and take a different, rather experimental approach to creating a ski film.”

The short movie kOnneX presents a special view on riders’ fascination with skiing; from a distance, and with beautiful images, we’re given a unique perspective. We recommend plugging in good quality speakers or ear phones to get the full experience.


Skier: Lorraine Huber
Producer: Hanno Mackowitz
Sound design: Marcus Loeber
Animation: Philipp Moosbrugger

Length: 05:33 minutes
Filmed in Zürs am Arlberg, 2014.

The film was produced by hiking lines from the ski resort, without the use of helicopters.

More about Lorraine Huber at: www.lorrainehuber.com