KORUA Shapes – Webshop and Shortmovie release.

KORUA Shapes – Webshop and Shortmovie release.

Text / Nicholas Wolken

Over a year ago, on a hot summer day I got a phone call from Jerry Niedermeier, he told me that he finally had a opportunity to realize a project we have been dreaming about for a view years now.

I had been traveling and riding quite a bit in Japan before, and was overwhelmed and inspired by all the unique snowboard shapes people ride over there. It was obvious that these boards are miles ahead of the standard snowboard we ride in Europe these days. The surfinspired approach those guys had, made me feel at home again in my beloved “sport” after struggling to identify with all the bigger-faster-trible mania. Shortly after I got the phone call my good friend Stephan ended his relationship with burtonsnowboards so it was a obvious step for me to bring his talent and style to the table. That’s basically how we got together and startet to shape a new snowboard brand from scratch. Lots of work followed but our goal from the very beginning was to build a sustainable brand focused on the true and original values of our great culture. Combining the forgotten, the existing and the infinity of ways to create and ride unconventional boards of interest and character we want to give opportunity to new and unique experiences, simply for the sake of beauty and joy.
All our boards are built with care and highest quality in Austria. Nevertheless, we believe in keeping them affordable to make these experiences more accessible.
The shapes are designed to perform exceptional in deep powder, while still offering an awesome ride on groomers and slushy slopes. Basically they are easy and forgiving all mountain funboards. Like a person, every KORUA board is different and has its own preferences in what and how it likes to do things. The point is; as with a new acquentance , learning to know a board is often the most exciting time and sometimes you even end up falling in love for life.
The KORUA construct feeds mainly from the values and passions of its ambassadors, it is a direct reflection of their personality and beliefs. They mite not be Olympic champions , but people with original style, a love for adventure and a unique sense of aesthetic in their approach to ride. With our first short movie “YEARNING FOR TURNING” we wanted to give a feel of what we are about and invite people to become a part of this movement. In the future we hope to grow our line upon the existing models. We hope to see you out there soon!
Cheers Nichoals and Stephan



Photo by Aaron Schartz / Riding by Nicholas Wolken

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