Riding For Water

Riding For Water

Text & Image / Géraldine Grand & Simon Favez

Riding For Water is the project made by swiss snowboarder couple from Wallis, Géraldine Grand and Simon Favez. They left everything for a year to mix snowboarding, surfing and humanitarian action.
They’ve set them the goal to practice those two sports on each continent, following the snow and the waves all around the world. Trough the NGO Waves For Water, they created their own Clean Water Courier mission and collected 50 filters by private donations. By left Switzerland for Africa mid-march with half of those filters in their backpack.

They are now in Africa where they have been helping some Berber villages in the Moroccan Atlas mountains, orphanages and schools in Mozambique and some medical dispensaries and schools in Madagascar. “We always try to find a local association or someone involved in the development of its community. They help us to target the people who need it the most.”

It’s an incredible experience and adventure so far; we are having lots of fun riding and meeting very nice people along the way. Distributing those filters bring different and new experiences to our travel. We’re getting closer to the population and get to know how they live and sometimes struggle to get clean water. Every time, it’s a powerful feeling to help them getting that precious water which is so easy for us to get and lots of time wasted... We have lots of incredible travel stories, but the highlight so far was probably saving a whale in Madagascar while searching for some waves.

What’s next? After almost 4 month of surfing and living in Africa, we’ll be happy to find some comfort and snow in New Zealand. We will snowboard around the south island for six weeks. Our next destinations are places that we often dream about as snowboarder and surfer. It also has to work to get the best conditions and seasons, so it took some time to set up our perfect itinerary. After the winter season in New Zealand, the other half of filters will be sent to Australia, and distributed in Indonesia and the Philippines. Then, we still have Japan, Hawaii and Alaska to discover. Our return is planned for the end of April 2015, but who knows if we find the opportunity to work and keep doing what we love somewhere on this world…

If you want to know where we are and get our latest news, follow us on the Riding For Water facebook page. You can also help and support our cause, by getting some Riding For Water goodies, like t-shirts, water bottles and beanies trough our online shop on ridingforwater.com

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