Kim Woozy

Kim Woozy

Text / Corinne Tâche-Berther
Image / Nam-Chi Van

Ever heard of Kim Woozy ? Well, you should ! this girls just blows you away once you start to listen to her fantastic story, which had lead her from a boardsports passionate to become a skateboard movement leader: The name of her brand : Mahfia… Her vision : Women who ride ! And she excels in it!
First day of Women in Board- and Actionsports in the super idyllic and beautiful Domaine de Bassilour à Bidart. 45 girls from all over Europe and Kim Woozy, Cori Schumacher from California, Joebaby from the Bahamas.

The troupe couldn’t be any better !... Kim presents her life parcours, explains how hard it was for girls in the past to penetrate the masculine driven boardsports market. How difficult it was for girls, to be heard. Well, she did her job well. Today she knows, the girls just want to fit in ! And she helps them with all her skills, her advice, all her wisdom and experience to make it happen. To give girls a greater voice again. While showing the astonishing number, that the American market represents already 41 % riding girls and 59 % riding men, and the European market 35 % to 65 %, we understand, that something has happened that migh very well has escaped our attention. « Thanks to facebook and to instagram, girls get the coverage they need to be recognized. We are not dependant on print magazines anymore, even though that I would definitely not be who I am today, if I hadn’t read all these magazines, seen these videos, which made me want to step into the sport. »

Action and lifestyle, progression and role models, values… 30'991'180 female boardsport riders worldwide, the statement that girls really want to get into it, and her amazing example of Skateistan, where girls are equally treated and equally supported as boys ! « By talking to greatly interested sponsors in the Skateistan project, when the founder asks the industry people if they support women, and they say no, Skateistan is not interested working with them. » Women first !... Skateistan has understood something that our industry has still trouble to understand. « Girls start to skate in Afghanistan, because the tribal elders don’t understand what skateboarding is, so when girls started doing it, they didn’t see it as a great issue. »

« A new narrative is arising. You need to tell your own story, you need to create your own box, believe in what you do, and everyone will follow. Young girls really want to get into it! »

And in how far are girls different from boys, and what makes them the next most interesting generation for the sports ?
« they are social, they are no more gatekeepers, and the location where they’re at is no longer relevant. »

« Today, the tools are perfectly designed for females. Without facebook and instagram, none of this which is happening, would exist today. We can just do it ourselves, we don’t need any advertising any more ! Our community is not limited anymore by physical location. The online world is amazing. Seeing this happening around the world is the most amazing thing ever. In Korea, all around the world, girls start to ride… it can happen everywhere and it is important to repost and sharing stuff, and help create this larger hub. Together, we are so much more powerful than just one of us. »

Some keys to help succeed this movement
-find a like minded community
-help yourself by helping others
-create your own value
-invest in the future generation – fans –consumers – being mentor, advice… simple things.
-tell your own narrative

And an advice for all the girls : « No guy can have your perspective, even if you are the only girl. Your opinion is super important. Men never can really understand.
YOU are really important ! Just be yourself ! »

She’s a role model, a Ted talker and a fantastic woman, who set the tone for the 6th Women in Board- and Actionsports Conference for the three next days to come. What will happen next, is just diving deeper and deeper in the understanding that Kim has triggered in all of us !

And what’s next ? « More storytelling for films, print and web! The media format so far was too long, for so long. Today, we want to hear what people are saying, athletes or industry people. Every human can relate to that. With Mahfia we are shifting towards storytelling and influencers and offer 10 minutes episodes. It will cost us more time and budget, but it will last forever on internet. Hopefully, the brands will understand that and stand behind that. »

Thank you, Kim, for this amazing and highly inspiring talk which showed greatly what the industry is still lacking to see! And having her beautiful mom with us, to whom she offered this trip to Europe for her 60 birthday present, filled us all with joy!