Absinthe Films Dopamine
European Premiere Tour 2013

La tournée annuelle d’Absinthe Films s’annonce prometteuse avec leur tout nouveau film intitulé Dopamine. (more…)

Hitsch Haller & Nicolas Müller
contest snowboarding tomorrow

Une interview de Nicolas Müller et Hitsch Haller
Texte / Olivia Mosimann
Image / Silvano Zeiter

Sans aucun doute, le snowboard freestyle va de l’avant, mais en oubliant d’où l’on vient, l’évolution n’est plus nécessairement synonyme de progrès. Pour Christian «Hitsch» Haller et Nicolas Müller, c’est exactement ce qui arrive au snowboard. Pistes de réflexion sous forme d’interview. (more…)

11-13.04.2014 /
The Home Run Invitational Banked Slalom



International top riders confirmed to participate at freestyle.ch
Text & Image / freestyle.ch

They are coming from all around the globe to battle for glory, honour and the favour of the crowd: the Crème de la Crème of freestyle sports, among them great champs, X-Games winners, World Champions, Olympics, experienced riders and sensational newcomers – freestyle.ch Zurich calls up all of them. (more…)

27 août 2012 / RESONANCE Worldpremiere Kaufleuten Zürich (CH)


The Absinthe Films premiere tour will be rolling again presenting the latest release Resonance in a crystal sharp HD projection. Be there to witness what some of the worlds best snowboarders experienced during the last winter. Who is the rider everybody will be talking about, what are the new tricks and what lines let your heartbeat freeze. We kick off the tour in Zürich and then be rolling through Europe with the whole Absinthe entourage, coming to selected cinemas and clubs near you. Be there to meet the riders and filmers of Absinthe Films. Snatch give-aways, Absinthe shirts, movies, posters and kick off the winter with us. Stay tuned with Absinthe Films on Facebook and absinthe-films.com. Ticket pre-sales start mid August 2012.